The HCS Vision

To be the leading health-based cleaning service in the South.


Why is “Hospital Quality” Cleaning Good for My Home or Business?

The highest quality clean gives best first impression. A clean facility speaks volumes for your professionalism and reliability before you have even said a word. In addition, thorough periodic cleaning helps prevent the spread of disease so you and your family, clients or employees can be healthier, happier and more productive.

What Is “Hospital Quality” Cleaning?

Hospital quality is the gold standard for cleaning. Many cleaning services  provide a cursory cleaning, quickly passing over surfaces with little attention  to disinfection and the prevention of cross-contamination. Our thorough cleaning goes far past the surface, cleaning under, beneath, and between places most companies would ignore with our proven hospital quality cleaning method. This eradicates dirt, germs, and pests so that your home or business does not just look clean — it is clean.